Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015 Bannister Mile Results

Results for the 2015  Bannister Mile held at East High School on May 5, 2015

1Scott Hajcek5:18M 60 - 691
2Scott Dailey5:29M 40 - 491
3Craig Murray5:46M 40 - 492
4Jeff Ross5:47M 40 - 49
5Jason5:48M 30 - 39**1
6Bob Basse6:21M 60 -692
7Bobby Radakovich6:22F 40 - 491
8Dennis McConnel6:26M 50 - 591
9Pete Cannici6:30M 40 - 494
10Jeff Delaney6:34M 50 - 592
11Tom Zeiner6:35M 60 -693
12Craig Carver7:19M 60 - 694
13George Antoine7:59M 70 - 791
14Dave Caprera8:44M 60 - 695
15Dan Haney8:45*M 50 - 593

* Time Not Recorded
**Age Unknown

It was a rainy Bannister this year.  A hard rain began just before we started the race and lasted throughout.  We were all drenched (photos below), but we had fun.  Good to see some of the old runners come back for the mile.

Congratulations to Scott Hajcek for coming back and winning his 5th Bannister. (2004,2007, 2009, 2010,2015).

Congratulations to Bobby Radackovich on being the Fastest Female in her first Bannister.

The relay was canceled this year due to a hard rain and not having enough runners to run 8X200 (and no runners wanting to double it).

Thanks to Carlos for Timing the event and Some great pictures.

2015 Bannister Pete, Scott, Craig, George, Jason, Tom, Bobby, Scott, Bob, Craig, Dennis, Jeff, Dave and Jeff

Two Fast Scott's Leading Lap 3

Great Shot of the Field Finishing in the Hard Rain

Bobby - First Female

Big rain drops drenching us on the track.

Pete Finishing in the Rain.  Pete is the coordinator for the Bannister Mile Event.

This is a great picture of Tom and Jeff Finishing in the hard rain but with smiles on there faces.
This captures the Bannister mile.

Craig's still got it

George is Back with a new age group record

Dan and Dave, just like the old days.

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Eric Andersen said...

At least it was rain rather than snow! Great job everybody - especially the old guys!

Eric Andersen