Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Flaming Foliage Relay Results

We Won!  Overall 1st Place with a time of 22 Hours 51 Minutes.   Also first place Open Division

A course Record.  (1st year the course has been run, but we will take it).

It was a great course.  The old Colorado Relay on the first half and a tougher Copper to Leadville to Buena Vista course on the 2nd half of the relay.

The weather was perfect, with the leaves starting to turn and some great sunny , blue skies for running.

A near perfect race logistically with a great bunch of teammates.  4 Rookie Pickled Prostates this year (Scott, Tim, Sarah and Jeff), but all delivered strong legs.

Race Results are posted on the web site.

Patrick Rutty Won the Georgia Pass Time Trial Leg with a time of 1:53:02.

Thanks to everyone for running, another great Pickled Prostates relay filled with lots of fun memories.

2014 Flaming Foliage Relay Champions 22:51
Patrick, Dennis, Bob, Jeff, Craig Carver, Craig Murray, Sarah, Scott, Tim, (Andre not pictured)

2014 Pickled Prostates Team Idaho Springs, 9:00 Start on 9/12/2014
Front Row: Bob Basse, Patrick Rutty, Craig Carver, Scott Dailey
Back Row: Craig Murray (Capt), Dennis McConnel, Andre Nieuwenhuizen, Sarah Clark, Jeff Ross, Tim Harrington

Bob Running Leg 30 at Sunrise to Buena Vista Along the Arkansas River

More Photos from the 2014 Flaming Foliage Relay

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