Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 Colorado Relay

The Pickled Prostates finished 2nd Overall in the 2012 Ragnar Colorado Relay with a time of 24:36:44.
This is our 3rd consecutive year to finish 2nd Overall.

We also won the Master Division for the 8th time in 9 years, but appear to be the only one in the category to finish. 4th consecutive Masters Title

The first place team (Tract Home Trash) was 23:34:06.

We did not run a perfect race this year, we had a couple of exchange delays and some of the runners got off course and we lost some time.

We did have a great time as always and  with fun experiences and some stories to tell of course.

Here's a link to the  results, they do not have us listed in any Category below the overall results currently..

2012 Ragnar Colorado Relay Results

Thanks to everyone on the team for running hard and helping the team in other ways.
Special thanks to Andre for renting a room for us in Glenwood, to help us recover before that 3rd set of legs.

Also of note, we were within 1 minute and 6 seconds of our pre-race predicion of 24:37:50.

Finish Line Scott w/dog, Dennis, Rick, Craig, Tim C. Patrick, Bob
Not pictured Jeff, Andre, Steve, Tim M, Chris
Dennis Going up Vail Pass before the Huge Downhill
Waiting for Rick to Handoff To Bob near Snowmass

Bob's Running, Ricks Recovering after passing a youngster

The Plane, The Plane
Craig to Scott for the Last Handoff

Scott on the Home Stretch to Snowmass
Post Race Celebration for Pickled Prostates, 2nd Overall for 3rd year in a Row.  1st in Masters

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Pickled Prostates on another fine finish!

Eric Andersen