Thursday, May 3, 2012

Abbey Meneghetti

Abbey passed away this morning, May 3, 2012.  Abbey was a member of our 2009 Somewhat Pickled Relay team.

From Howard who visited her in the hospital in Springfield, Illinois, just last week...

It is with much sadness that I have to inform you that Abbey passed away this morning.  She had been suffering with cancer for the past 1-1/2 yrs as you know and her condition worsened since Easter.  She passed peacefully in the hospital, having been admitted last Friday.  I am sure more details will follow from the family regarding her memorial in the coming days.
Thanks for all of your wonderful love, prayers, and support.

Abbey’s memorial service has been scheduled for Friday, May 18th at 11:00 am at Light of Christ Ecumenical Catholic Community in Longmont (to prevent confusion, the church shares the space with Bethlehem Lutheran Church). The address for the church is 1000 15th Avenue.  The family wants to set up a scholarship fund in her memory at CSU – the details are still being worked out. 

Abbey from the 2009 Somewhat Pickled Team Colorado Relay
Rest In Peace Abbey, we will miss you


Anonymous said...

My name is John Drake I am Abbeys Dad referred to as Pops by Abbey. It is wonderful when your children share the events going on in their lives. We are fortunate that all our children have done this with Julie their mother and me. Abbey was no exception and called several times a week and sometimes daily to talk about the days events. I remember numerous conversations where Abbey discussed the wonderful people she had met running. Abbey talked about the Colorado Relay on many occasions. She was quite excited when asked to participate and wanted to post a respectable time for relay legs she would run. I remember one conversation quite well because she was on her way to do a practice run for one of the relay legs she was running and the leg description had the word bear in it. The only thing I could think about at the time was Abbey running from some bear. We had several conversations after the event about how much fun she had and the neat people she came to know.
I enjoyed these conversations with Abbey tremendously but only now understand how precious they were.
I sure miss her!
Julie and I hope to meet these running friends someday.

Dennis said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Abbey and the Relay experience John. She was a really fun person and loved to run. She was also great teammate on the relay teams. You and your wife Julie raised a really nice, fun person and an athletic runner.

I was looking forward to running with Abbey for years to come in future relays, but her life was cut short well before it should, so sad. We will miss her.