Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boston 2012 Recaps

Jeff's take on Boston 2012...

I’m alive and well. No worse for some wear. Dialed it down from get-go, no reason to try to “race”. High-fived lots of kids and had no expectations other than running and finishing it. I did try to maintain an 8:30 pace as some kind of benchmark, and did for the most part until the last ~10-12k.

It was different; many runners would stop without warning right in front of you, deciding to walk. It was like skiing trees or a slalom course at times, particularly on the hills and at water stations. Most walked through aid stations, so even if you were attempting to run through them, it could be a challenge. Many were walking the hills. I ran slow, but I did not walk, sans the most congested aid stations. I made 3 pit stops due to my hydrations levels. I felt like I had to relieve myself much of the race because I drank so much water and Gatorade.

Many, many folks had hoses and sprinklers going on the course, spraying runners. That was refreshing! A few fire stations and hydrants were open for cooling opportunities as well. The weather brought many, many people out along the course; and they all seemed to be having lots of fun even if the runners weren’t! I don’t remember that many people on the route in the past! That was a positive and gave me a lot of energy, so did my family and brother & his fam who were at mile 14.5.

The final 5.5 miles downhill into Boston are always so tough, hot or seasonable!

Got concerned about Bob when he was over an hour late to the family re-unite, which is so atypical. He did stop at his hotel rm. first as it turned out, just to get everyone more concerned.

He had it much tougher as he started 20 mins later, and therefore it was that much hotter for him!

I did a PW as well. Thirty seconds slower than my first marathon. I was conscious of that during the last several miles and did try to best that effort, to no avail.

See you guys soon.

Jeff D.

Bob's take..

I quit racing at 16mi, just too hot for a respectable time as it was just run/walk combo proved a challenge. I ran up Heartbreak as a matter of pride was completely spent at 24 and thought I'd be a med case before the finish. I crossed the line with a PW of 4:15. I'll try and redeem myself at Colfax.

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