Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marathons - October 9th, 2011

Several runners from our group ran Marathons in Denver and Chicago on Sunday October 9th.

Results for the Denver Marathon for our group are

Mike Hegstrom 2:58:48, 34th Overall and 4th in his age group
Pete Maysmith 3:12:52, 77th Overall and 12th in his age group
Bob Basse 3:24:01, 158th Overall, 6th in his age group
Jeff Delaney 3:26:24, 177th Overall, 8th in his age group
Dennis McConnel 3:37:02, 302 Overall, 15th in his age group

Results for the Chicago Marathon for our group are

Matt Mussetter 3:05:54, 980 Overall, 191st in his Age Group
Eric Andersen 3:09:28, 1197 Overall, 44th in his Age Group

Congratulations and well done everyone.

Anybody else doing a fall marathon in our group, leave a comment or let Dennis know.

Denver Post Race Bob, Dennis, Pete and Jeff. .

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