Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bannister Mile 2011

Results for the Banniser Mile 2011

NameTimeOverallDivisionDiv Place
Patrick Rutty5:261M 40-491
Steve Fossel5:392M 40-492
Chris Kamper5:433M 40-493
Dennis McConnel5:554M 40-494
Chandler Newhall6:025M 30-391
Pete Cannici6:036M 40-495
Bob Basse6:107M 50-591
Tim Coyle6:158M50-592
Jay Simonson6:169M 40-496
Tom Zeiner6:1910M 60-691
Craig Carver6:2711M 60-692
Carlos Benal7:5912M 60-693

Relay Team 1: Patrick, Dennis, Chandler, Tim, Craig, Tom, Bob, Patrick 4:19
Relay Team 2: Steve, Chris, Pete, Alicia, Jay, Dave, Carlos, Steve 4:31

Tim, Craig, Pete, Bob, Carlos, Patrick, Jay, Alicia, Dennis, Tom, Chris, Steve, Dave

Fun time, it was great to be back on the East High School Track, where we started the Bannister back in 2004.

Afterwards Dave provided the traditional New Years Feast and Toast for the Group. It was delayed a bit due to the weather and we killed two events with one stone this year.

Times were a bit slower this year and a bit of a light turnout, 12 of us ran this year. But that's Bannister, you are what you are in early May.

Congrats to Patrick for taking Scott's place and winning the Bannister for the group this year. His first Bannister.

Congrats to Bob for running the Colfax Marathon in 3:34 on Sunday and doing a 6:10 Bannister

Special Congratulations to Carlos, one of the original Bannister runners back in 2004, who has come back from hip replacement and ran a sub 8 Mile this year.

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