Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moab 2011 Results

Moab 2011 results for our group. It was a windy day in the canyon with a stiff head wind at the start of the half and most of the way through the canyon and onto the main road. Overcast but very nice 50 degree running temperature. We had 11 runners in our group this year 8 in the half and 3 in the 5 mile race. Exciting finish for Scott. A bit slower times for most of us this year, a lot slower for some of us. Bob says we get 2 minutes for the wind.

Half Marathon Results

Bob Basse1:33:1210227:06
Jeff Delaney1:37:0414497:24
Tom Zeiner1:41:0322327:42
Dennis McConnel1:41:25240187:44
Tim Coyle1:46:58422258:09
Craig Carver1:49:09503128:19
Lisa Caprera1:58:481116349:04
Dave Caprera2:13:1419056010:10

Congratulations to Bob and Tom for placing 2nd in their age groups.
Also first half marathon for Lisa Caprera, way to go Lisa!
First Moab for Tim
Craig Joined the 10 Year club this year and got bib #28.

5 Mile Results

Scott Hajicek29:55215:59
Alicia Caldwell37:352117:31
Chuck Murphy41:385838:19

Congratulations to:
Scott for finishing 2nd overall and first Masters
Alicia won her age group
Chuck 3rd in his age group

Fun time with a big group this year. Craig's cabin was at capacity for the post race party.

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Eric Andersen said...

Greetings and congratulations to my Pickled Prostate friends on a fine showing in Moab! Just want to report that I ran a 1/2 marathon in Clear Lake this weekend - weather conditions were not Moab-like with 74F heat and 85% humidity at the 7:00 AM start. . . However, I won my age group (now 50-54) and finished 31st overall out of 1,000 runners or so! Ran a 1:36:12. I'm gearing up to run Chicago in October. . .

Best regards - Eric Andersen