Monday, November 15, 2010

Malibu Marathon - Bob Basse

Bob Basse Ran the Malibu Marathon on Sunday November 14, 2010. Bob ran the marathon in 3:30:54. Finishing 36th Overall and 2nd in his age group. Bob was the first Colorado Runner to finish in a race with 481 Marathon Finishers. Tough Hills after mile 18 and troublesome cross and head winds were on the course that day. Plus weaving his way through the half marathoners at mile 14 made for an interesting race for Bob and took away from the Sea Level boost he was looking for.

Race Results for 2010 Malibu Marathon

This is Bob's 4th marathon in the last 6 months. (Colfax, Steamboat,Boulder and now Malibu, CA).

Great work Bob. Ready for some time off?

Link to Marathon Picture of Bob
(thanks to Patrick).


Patrick said...

I believe this is Bob between mile 12 and 13.

arnoldbreckman said...

Malibu Marathon 11.15.09 The start was the most unorganized ever. The bus driver got lost. We started our run in the COUNTRY and through CORNFIELDS. Who knew there were cornfields in southern california? The hills and the oncoming wind were literally breathtaking. Do not have breathing problems and run this marathon. The mile markers were posters drawn by some 5 yr olds. Aid stations were not consistently placed. Half marathoners started at the end of our 1st two hours, which means their energy was brand new when we had already run 13 miles. Whose bright idea was that? The views (once along PCH) were beautiful and I took pictures the entire way. BOOTLEG!

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