Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Colorado Relay 2010

The Pickled Prostates finished the the 2010 Colorado Relay 2nd Overall with a time of 21 Hours 48 Minutes. They won the Masters Division for the 2nd year in a row and 5 out of 6 years.

The Somewhat Pickled team was 3rd Overall and won the Open Division with a time of 22 Hours 10 Minutes.

2010 Pickled Prostates. Steve R, Scott, Steve C, Craig, Patrickjeff, Dennis Tim and Bob

Team Somewhat Pickled at the 9:00 Start in Georgetown.
Kern, Craig, Jackie, Howard, Diann, Nicole, Matt, Zach and Will. Johnathan not pictured
Guy in the yellow shorts, unfortunately pictured.

The Pickled Prostates ran the race with 9 runners this year. Steve Read, Patrick and Dennis pulled the extra legs and the rest of the team picked up the slack for 1 less runner. Great Effort Team.

The Somewhat Pickled Team entered the open division with some last "week" substitutions but put together an incredible team that ran hard and a smart race.

At the end of 4 Legs, Loveland Ski Area, the two teams discuss.

There was a battle between the two teams all day and night going back and forth. The Somewhat team was within 5 minutes and gaining on the Prostates in the midle of the night. The Prostates had a runner get lost in Glenwood Canyon. This caused the Somewhat Team to gain the lead. Then a Somewhat runner got lost in Glenwood Springs and the Prostates regained the lead and held it to the end.

Without the "logistics" issues the two teams would have finished with "who knows" on top. But that's relay racing... Great Job to All.

Breckenridge Golf Course the Two Vans Meet

It was fun running and battling for the overall this year with the two teams and the other contenders such as Beaver Creek and the Old Farleks. The Old Fartleks our nemesis ended up 4th overall with a time of 22:13, congratulations to them, they are tough.

2010 Colorado Relay Results

Photos for the 2010 Relay

Somewhat Pickled Finishes the Race and Picks up the Schwag. Nice Belt Buckles this year

The race results were a mess this year and were not posted at the finish. At one point the Prostates were listed in last place and then corrected with the Pickled Prostates in first place. They have since corrected the results for the Young Guns a 5 person Ultra team to be the first place team (incorrect starting time). The Young Guns were correctly awarded the trophy at the end with a time of 20:03. Congratulations to them they were an amazing Ultra Team (5 Runners) and deserved the win.

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