Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run

The Garden of the Gods 10 Mile race was Sunday 6/13/2010. This is a tough course at the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs. It is also a very compettetive race.

Running this year from our group,

Bob Basse ran it in 1:11:14, 94th overall and 6th in his Age Group.

Jill Parker ran it in 1:36:06,, 965th overall 23rd in her Age Group.

Results for Garden of the Gods

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Jill said...

Funny, cuz Bob got a 5th place AG trophy, and my time on the posted printout at the race said: 1:32: something. Oh well. It was a great race, can't wait to do it again. In better shape!