Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mt. Evans Training Runs June 6 and June 13

We are looking at having a couple of Mt. Evans training runs the weekends before the actual race on June 19th. It is a great way to get some high altitude training and push your hill thresholds without beating yourself up. Great for relay training, even if you are not running the race. Craig C, Craig M and Pete M are registered for the race.

The weekend of June 6. An Echo Lake to Summit Lake run (9 Miles) with 2000 feet of altitude gain ending at 12,000 feet Meet at Echo Lake at 7:00

Pete M Craig C and Jill

On Sunday June 13, Summit Lake (or below) up to the Peak. 5 Miles with 2000 feet of altitude ending at 14,000 feet. Meet at Echo Lake at 7:00

Pete M, Nicole, Jill, Chris , Dennis, Craig M

If you are interested in joining one of the runs, leave a comment or contact Pete M or Dennis.

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