Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2010 Bannister Mile Results

Another fun Bannister Run. We had 14 runners this year, with a warm, sunny spring day at Manual HS. A bit of a head wind on the North Curve but everyone had fun. A photo Finish between Craig and Tom.

2010 Bannister Mile Start

Results for the 2010 Bannister Mile

Congratulations to Scott the defending Champion and to Alicia the first female.

8X200 Relay Results

Team 1 - 4:12 Matt (2 legs), Dennis, Mark, Tom, Mike, Sonja, Tim

Team 2 - 4:32 Scott, Chris, Craig M, Pete C, Craig C, Bob, Alicia, Dave

2010 Bannister Mile Group Photo
Sonja, Alicia, Carlos, Mike, Tim, Dennis, Tom, Dave, Bob, Craig M, Craig C, Scott, Chris, Matt, Pete, Mark

Thanks to Dave for Organizing it
Thanks to Carlos for Helping Out
Thanks to Mark for the pictures and the Water

Below is a link with all the photos including the Photo Finish between Craig and Tom. You decide who won. Maybe if Craig wasn't looking at his watch...

Web Album with More Photos


Jill said...

Great job, guys!! Perfect day for some speed!

Craig R. said...

Dave's picture provides irrefutable proof I was a half-stride ahead. Heck, I had enough room to spare to check out my watch.

ztop said...

Who is this Craig R and why does he speak of things he cannot understand?