Monday, March 22, 2010

Moab Half Marathon March 20, 2010

Results for the Group for Moab 2010 Half Marathon March 20, 2010

Scott Hajek1:22:492916:19
Bob Basse1:29:148436:48
Dennis McConnel1:33:02135117:06
Jeff Delaney1:35:32179147:17
Craig Carver1:42:3838557:50
Alicia Caldwell1:43:0641877:52

Moab Half Marathon Results

Congratulations to Scott who placed first in his age group(M55-59) and took home the trophy.
Congratulations to Bob who placed 3rd in his age group (M55-59) and took home a Medal
Congratulations to Craig who placed 5th in his age group (M60-64) and took home a Medal.

Tom Zeiner ran the 5 Mile race in 35:41 and won his age group (M55-59).
He finished 8th overall and took home a nice trophy. Congratulations Tom

Moab 5 Mile Results

Scott, Dennis, Jeff, Bob, Alicia, Craig and Tom. Moab 2010

Below is a picture from the Moab Newspaper featuring the start of the 2009 Race. Scott and Bob are both in the picture can you spot them (click on photo to enlarge).

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