Monday, December 14, 2009

Tucson Marathon - December 13, 2010

Jill Parker ran a 3:46:00 Tucson Marathon on Sunday December 13, 2010.
She finished 343 overall, 10th in her age group. She set a Marathon PR by 16 seconds.
Great Job Jill!

That's 4 Marathons this year with a PR on your last one.

Matt Muesetter had a DNF in the race. Started cramping at mile 9 and had to withdrawl at mile 19.

Jill and Matt, Pre-Race Tucson Marathon


Dennis said...

Jill you are a marathon machine. 4 Marathons this year! Plus Pikes Peak, Mt. Evans, Colorado Relay and a ton of other races and training runs.

Way to go, congrats on the PR. You've had a great 2009 running year.

Jill said...

Thanks Dennis and Prostates!!! That wind really did a number ... I was on course to knock several minutes off my PR and fought it tooth and nail but just didn't have the strength at the end after fighting it for 17 miles. I guess I need more wind tunnel training.