Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mark Brown - Long Beach Marathon - 3:20:31

Mark Brown ran the Long Beach Marathon on October 11, 2009.

Mark ran 3:20:31 and finished 10th in his age group, 137th overall.

Good job Mark on your second Marathon this year and qualifying for Boston.

Mark's take on the race...

The course was good. The first 6 miles were right down around the main Long Beach Harbor area with one uphill over a bridge. Then we ran down the bike path along the beach for about 4 miles or so, and that's when the watch started acting up. It was overcast all morning and about 58-64 degrees and somewhat humid. When we headed down the beach at mile 6+ it felt really nice cause we got a little breeze off the ocean which really helped keep the temps down. There was a pretty serious short, maybe 1/2 mile hill around 17+ that made you think about it, but then you circled around the Cal State University Long Beach campus and went back down the same hill on the other side. Basically flat from there to the finish, with a couple of small rises, but nothing major at all.

The crowds were pretty good all along the course, which was nice and the aid stations, etc were plentiful. Don't know if I like the 1/2 marathoners running with the full runners though as I think that was part of me running 6-13 faster than I wanted. They peeled off at 11, and then it got to be a pretty small group. We met back up with the real slow 1/2 marathoners at about 23 and they were awful. Walking, talking on their cell phones, sitting in way stretching, etc. - you get the point.

Overall though, I'd do it again or recommend it to somebody. The Expo was pretty good, I thought the post race festival was a little weak.

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