Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chicago Marathon - October 11, 2009

Results for the Chicago Marathon for our group...

Jeff Delaney - 3:14:34 - Jeff's Splits
Jay Simonson - 3:50:07 - Jay's Splits

Ben Carver (Craig's Son) - 3:22:13 - Ben's Splits
Rebecca Weber (Ben's Friend)- 3:37:18 - Rebecca's Splits

Congratulations to Jeff on his 5th Chicago finish, beating his 3:15 goal and qualifying for Boston again.

Congratulations to Jay for completing his first marathon.

Congratulations to Ben for completing his first marathon and beating Craig's first marathon time by 20 minutes.

Congratulations to Rebecca for her first marathon and qualifying for Boston.

Jeff's Take on his Race...

After our 21 @ ~8:30 pace last month and reviewing my training logs (best races in the recent past included 8:30 pace long runs), I thought I had a decent shot @ a 3:15 race (~7:25 pace). Due to my seeding though I had to start behind the 3:30 pace group in coral C, the downside of some poor races that last few years! My goal first off was to try to get past the 3:30 runners and catch and pass the 3:20 pace group. Used my Garmin watch to aid in the effort, but it didn't work so well in the "canyons" of downtown Chicago.
I hadn't paid attention to the net/gross difference when I crossed the start line as I was too "caught-up in the moment" as well while focusing on the watch - I had the bezel locked on pace/ave pace/distance fields as I didn't want it constantly changing screens and as I was wearing gloves and a long sleeve shirt initially - you know that issue with that watch when it "hits" any surface! I also missed the first mile marker with so many people on the course. So, I really didn't have a comfortable feel as to my pace for the first 5 miles or so. The watch read anything from 3 to 15 min/mile - it was certainly a tactical error on my part to plan on relying on that thing to guide me through this early part of the course.
I felt great and tried to hold back to the best of my ability as I thought I might be going too fast. Once out of the canyons of downtown and in the Lincoln Park area I realized I was off pace as I also started to see the 3:10 pace group and the watch was then operable (I probably initially was a couple mins behind them in the coral start). Still feeling great I thought to myself, could I pull off a 3:10 race? The realist said no, the "stupid" racer in me said "maybe". I pulled back, but I think psychologically I didn't let myself do so as much as I should have. Saw Dana, my sister-in-law and niece on the route 3 times later in the middle third of the race which pumped me up as well, further fuelling the fire. Still trying the pull back the reins early in the second half it wasn't long before physically my body was doing that for me.
Didn't feel very good after mile 20, and slowed down quite a bit. Without the high rises on the "South Side", my watch was working well and I was then able to use it as a pace tool to help me salvage the 3:15. Mismanagement of my pace was only responsible for a disproportionate set of splits and for feeling worse than I should have in for miles 20-26.2.


Anonymous said...

BB, You are a Rockstar!! Way to get it done brohan!
Ordinalas & Anna

Jill said...

Way to go, guys! I watched online this morning and continuously hit the "update" on the official website...very exciting! I had 2 friends run and they did well...said it was pretty chilly.