Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Message from Jeff, the Captain

Hello everyone!

Thanks for running!! Congrats are in order!!

Thanks for all the help from everyone, particularly from Dennis, Jill, the Craigs, Matt & his parents, Steve and Margaret Cann, the van providers, Carlos and all the enthusiasum from everyone!! Thanks to Kern for stepping in at the last minute! Thanks to our ringers, Scott and Steve Read for running with us yet another year. Thanks for Bob's nice email. Thank you all also for the gift certificate to Olivea's. I was dumbfounded and did not thank you all adequately at the time! Thanks Pete for spearheading that! Dana and I are looking forward to eating there!!!

The Somewhat Team should be particularly proud of their efforts, 12th overall, second mixed team to eight time veterans and perennial top ten finishers: "Oh What a Bonanza" who BTW do not always run as a mixed team. With no one on the team having participated before in the race and hardly knowing one another, that was pretty amazing!!

Howard we all hope you are healing quickly; we thought of you often and hope you are back in your bike saddle soon!!

I'm sorry the second place visor prize was somewhat subpar. This year was not the year that sponsors had much to give out. Team participation was not this low since 1999. I'm sure that will change next year.

To all who wish to run next year, the deal is if you ran, you have a spot the following year. I'm sure we can get Howard and alumni Dave, Tom and Chris in as well if they choose to run.

I have Steve Cann' Pearl Izumi gloves and Nicole's KU top.

The stuff the Pickled P. team won includes 5 Mountain Smith Fanny Packs with water bottle holders, two pairs of Rudy Project sunglasses (one to use with prescription lenses), 1 pair of Mountain Khaki shorts (size 34 waist), one pair of Montrail trail shoes size 10 (run small), One Mt Hardware Backpack (hydration compatible). To make this fair I thought we can have a lottery. We need an impartial person, how about Craig Murray?
If Craig with his kids' help pull names from "a hat" we can divided this stuff up equitably.

Thanks much!

Jeff D.


Mark said...

Nice booty of stuff for 1st Place!

Craig M said...

My daughter picked names out of a box and came up with this order:
Steve R
Steve C
Pete M
Pete C

Anonymous said...

Everybody: I am so impressed about how well both teams did--especially the old farts kicked BUTT! But the "Somewhat" team did also! What amazing standings out of over 100 teams! CONGRATULATIONS! You are all studs in my book, be ye man or woman.

Best, Dana Delaney

Dennis said...

Was my piece of paper smaller than the rest? Perhaps I was in a different box than everyone else.

I think this was a fix to give me the fat guy shorts.

Anonymous said...

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