Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colorado Relay Legs 1-4 Changes

They've officially changed the course for the relay this year due to the Guanella Pass closure.

New Leg Routes for the first 4 legs are..

Leg 1: 2.5 miles uphill -- Georgetown to Silver Plume (bikepath)
Leg 2: 4.2 miles uphill -- Silver Plume to Bakerville (road)
Leg 3: 5.2 miles uphill -- Bakerville to Loveland Pass Ski Area (Trail)
Leg 4: 2.5 miles uphill and downhill -- Loveland Pass Ski Area (dirt road)

See the relay web site for additional information.


Jeff is reviewing the legs and might be making some assignment changes. A new version of the prediction spreadsheets will be sent after this is finalized.

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