Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boulder Marathon and Half Marathon September 20, 2009

Bob Basse ran 3:42:31at the Boulder Marathon, 3rd in his division, 17th overall men.
Only 10 men and 1 woman went under 3:30 in the marathon.

Steve Read ran 1:31:51 in the half and got 3rd in his division also, 24th overall.

Bob's Take on his Marathon...

I set a PR for my worst ever marathon time (3:42), yet still finished 20th. Go figure. It was HOT, late start (after 8am) put the middle of the race into the 80’s, I was sweating at 2mi and drinking doubles at every aid station, and started to bonk by 17mi. When I started the run/walk thing for miles 20-23, nobody passed me: I think the whole race was grinding to a halt! With few exceptions, finish times are very slow. The wind was a big factor, making it feel warm running downwind, and it was not a cooling wind when running upwind. Glad I wasn’t one of those leaving the scene by ambulance. So, on to the next one with redemption in mind.

I recognized the warmth at the start and set out on a 7:50 pace instead of my planned 7:30. I think I could have mustered a stronger effort had I known what was going on ahead of me and not fallen into that “pointless to suffer knowing I’m nowhere near a good finish time, might as well save it for the next races” attitude. I didn’t realize there were so few full marathon runners ahead as the race had a lot of relay teams who were the ones I saw at the 17mi turnaround running strong (duh!) while I was suffering. The hydration issue was huge, I hadn’t encountered that before. Once behind, I just couldn’t drink enough to catch up. It was a sapping wind with that heat, and even though I adjusted, it still got me.

This race has always been a 7am start and for some reason, it was moved up to 8am this year, just in time for the wind to pick up, so am sure complaints from the runners will force it back to 7 for next year. I’ll just have to go back and try again, can’t leave this event on such a low note.


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Bret said...

Congratulations Bob! I was out there at Boulder for the half marathon, and I know that I couldn't have run 13.1 miles in those conditions. You ran 3:42 and finished upright! It may be have been your worse marathon, but in my eyes, just finishing was an incredible achievement.