Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Relay Update from Jeff

The leg book was just published.

Leg totals are from 10.6 to 23.2 miles

Pickled Prostates

Jeff Delaney
Dennis McConnel
Craig Carver
Andre Nieuwenhuizen
Scott Hajicek
Steve Read
Steve Cann
Pete Cannici
Jay Simonson
Tom Zeiner
Bob Kelly - Alternate

Somewhat Pickled

Matt Mussetter
Craig Murray
Bob Basse
Pete Maysmith
Andrew Carlson
Nicole Mahobain
Denise Goldin-Dubois
Jill Parker
Abbey Meneghetti
Howard McCarthy

I need a few things...

1) one more runner
2) one more van, or we rent one
3) if you can't run let me know ASAP
4) leg preferences, though not guaranteed
5) estimated 10k time
6) t-Shirt size
7) check for $95 to me, my address if you have not done so yet
8) Request a day of vacation for Friday Sept 11th, first day of race
9) two volunteers, or one that can spend ~ 8 hours on a shift, see website
10) get familiar with equipment need and details- see website
11) wrap up training or get your butts in gear
12) if you can make a lunch time run on Monday the 17th, 24th or 31st you will have a chance to meet your teammates when most of us run @ 11:55 AM, 16th St and Lincoln dowtown

I'll assign legs within the next 10 days.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Trails.

Jeff D.

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