Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pikes Peak Ascent 8/15/2009

Results for our group.

Craig Miurray3:21:5315223
Matt Muesetter3:24:2718244
Bob Kelly4:08:1168531
Jay Simonson4:12:2873780
Jill Parker4:36:46100441

Nice work everyone, great improvement by Jay this year over last year.

Good to see Bob Kelly back in the game...

Results for 2009 Pikes Peak Ascent

Jay, Jill and Paul after Pikes Peak Ascent


Jill said...

Um...I ran a 4:36, not 4:46!!!!!

Dennis said...

Sorry, got the minutes and seconds switched.


Craig M said...

I also heard a John Hite from Denver announced as the first finisher from the second wave at 3:08. That name sounded familiar as someone who used to run from the Y at lunch and at one time a possible relay team member. I would certainly welcome him on my team! Also, Matt's brother Mitch posted a sub 3 hour ascent and his friend Dave Duede ran 3:09.

Jill said...

I welcome John on our relay, too...and even about Matt's brother!! :).

Good Job guys! I saw Jay after the race and he told me how you guys finished. I bow to you...that was one incredibly tough last 3 miles (for me anyway); what amazing times you guys had! Congrats!