Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2009 Colorado Relay Teams and Leg Assignments

Updated Leg Assignments for both Teams

Meet at Wooly Mamoth Lot on Friday 9/11/2009 at 7:00 to "Van Up" and head to Georgetown.

Both teams start at 9:30 from Georgetown.

Van B starts from Burning Bear at 1:00

Pickled Prostates v5 (Masters >40yrs)

RunnerLegsTotal MilesDificulty #Van #
Pete Maysmit1,11,2117.191
Andre Nieuwenhuizen2,12,2214.651
Dennis McConnel3,13,2319.961
Steve Cann4,14,2413.271
Jeff Delaney5,15,2518.541
Craig Carver6,16,2610.612
Pete Canici7,17,2713.422
Scott Hajicek8,18,2823.2102
Steve Read9,19,2921.882
Jay Simonson10,20,3017.932

Somewhat Pickled (Mixed 5 men/5 Women)

RunnerLegsTotal MilesDificulty #Van #
Matt Mussetter1,11,2117.191
Densie Goldin-Dubois2,12,2214.651
Jill Parker3,13,2319.961
Nicole Mahobain4,14,2413.271
Abbey Meneghetti5,15,2518.541
Howard McCarthy6,16,2610.612
Dianne Toll7,17,2713.422
Craig Murray8,18,2823.2102
Bob Basse9,19,2921.882
Andy Carlson10,20,3017.932

Tom Zeiner -Alternate

Bob Kelly - Alternate

Carlos Bernal - Volunteer (Trail Boss - Jeff Lake Rd)

Roger Mussetter - Volunteer Guanella Pass Campground

Nancy Mussetter - Volunteer Guanella Pass Campground


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you guys (and gals)! I will be there in spirit and anxious to see the results. . .

It's plenty warm in Houston, but know that I am running and slowly adapting to sweat! Eric Andersen

msp said...

Back in Lakewood we're hoping all is going well with you guys this morning!! Guess Dennis was too wrapped up to post, eh? Can't wait to hear the tales!
Cannici Clan

Anonymous said...

PROSTATES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run fast, everyone. I am there with you in spirit, if not in your smelly van. Wishing you all fast times, good weather, friendly competition, no mishaps or wrong turns. Get some sleep tonight if you can.