Friday, August 21, 2009

Boulder Rez Run 8/23/2009

Hi All,
I'm going to host a run around the Boulder foothills and reservoir on Sunday August 23.
The length is approx. 17-18 miles, almost all on dirt.
I'm going to propose an 8am start time, as when we started around 9 last year, we were all pretty well cooked by the heat by the end.
The keyhole route will start at my house, then north and then east on open space trails, around the Boulder Res. where water is available around mile 11, then back.
Dennis has already set out a plan for a shorter route of about 15, as an alternative.
Hope to see as many as possible!
-steve c

Meet at Steve's house at 8 on Sunday and we will split into groups running 20,18 and 14. I will drive to the meeting point for the shorter group.


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-steve cann said...

address of departure pt. (my house) is 575 Utica Ave. West off N.Broadway in Boulder. 303-517-6252c 303-440-3742h