Tuesday, July 28, 2009

San Francisco Half Marathon

Craig and Ben Carver (Father and Son) ran the San Francisco Half Marathon together

Craig ran 1:43:35 Finishing 3rd in his Division.
Ben ran 1:35:16. Beating Craig for the first time.


Here's Craig's Take...

Denny: I may have been a slug most of the week, but at least I capped off
a decadent week in San Francisco by running the San Francisco half-marathon (2nd
half). The marathon here is run with two half marathons, the first starts
at the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero and ends in Golden Gate Park. The
second starts in Golden Gate Park and finishes just under the Bay Bridge.
All three are huge races, although I can’t yet figure out how many participants
were in each race.

The good news is I’m on the comeback
trail. I ran a 1:43:35, finishing 3rd in my age division. Which goes
to show, I suppose, that an injured Colorado runner can compete pretty well with
a bunch of Californians.

The mixed news is that my son Ben finally
beat me in a race. I guess it had to happen sometime. He did a

The SF Marathon includes an “age grade” score as well. http://www.runraceresults.com/AgeGrade.htm

It theoretically allows old guys to “compete” against younger ones. By that measure, I was “regional class” and finished 98/2815 overall in the race. Using that calculation, my 1:43:35 would compute to about a 1:31 for someone age 44. It also allows me to say that I still beat my son, who came in at 370.


Jill said...

Great job to both the Carvers!!

DF said...

Awesome times for you both! It was great to find other runners' reports on the web. Keep on running.