Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Charles in China for a Year

From Charles Bedford...


As most of you know I am now in Beijing, on a one year assignment assisting TNC's China, Mongolia and Indonesia programs. I do want to keep in touch and look forward to hearing from you and sharing my work and impressions of this part of the world. The first two weeks on the ground have been quite an adjustment--I sometimes feel like Joseph Conrad's Kurtz: plucked from the Congo, equipped with an MBA and sent to the set of the movie Bladerunner. Beijing is a far cry from Boulder, and truly calls the question of whether the human species can manage it's footprint on the planet in such as way to sustain ourselves. The connection (or, perhaps, current disconnect) between our economy and our ecology are nowhere on earth more apparent than looking out the window in Beijing; but similarly, there is no society making greater increments of improvement toward a sustainable future than here in China.

For a nature loving Colorado boy, this place is certainly personally challenging (where's my trail run going to happen? which canyon can I bike up today? should I be inhaling this air?), but ultimately it is also the place that will define our collective future, and, so, very exciting to witness and to engage with our incredibly talented and dedicated staff here.

Please take a moment to join our Great Places network if you haven't already. I have created a Web page and will be updating it regularly. When you join Great Places you'll receive a message from me each month directing you to my latest pictures, films and writing. There is also a link that will allow you to write me.

I also thought you might also enjoy hearing from my colleagues in Colorado and some of our Board members that have been working across the globe about their experiences. They are graciously contributing images and writings. You'll find these featured each month on my travel page as well.

So, please sign up and stay in touch. I've already loaded a few images from some of my initial trips to China on the site and you can read my farewell letter.

Hope to hear from you--or better yet, see you here.


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