Monday, June 15, 2009

Mt. Evans Training Run #2

6 of us ran various distances up Mt. Evans on Sunday 6/14/2009.
The weather was OK, a bit windy on some of the switchbacks and cool at the top. It was not as bad as last weekend (according to Chris and some others I heard) or as bad as last year's summit run, but not as good as the race day last year.

Mountain Goats at the Top

Matt and Jeff ran from 6 miles up. Pete M ran from 7 miles up.
Jill, Diann and Dennis ran the 5.4 miles from Summit Lake to the Summit.

It was a good run, fun. Thanks to Jill and Jeff for driving and thanks to Jill for the snacks at the top. The clouds moved in and it got cold.

Diann, Jeff, Matt, Pete M., Jill and Dennis at the Summit

An ever cautious Jeff works his way down Mt. Evans in his Van.
Are we in England?

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