Monday, June 8, 2009

Mt Evans Training Run #2 - 6/14

We are planning on a 2nd Mt. Evans Training run for Sunday June 14th.

This run will be from Summit Lake to the Summit (Parking Lot at the top). About 5.5 Miles with 2000 ft Elevation Gain. Some runners have requested to be dropped off at the 6 mile mark and do an 8.5 mile run to the summit. If you want to do this, let us know.

We need two cars to go up to the Summit to drop the car for a ride down to Summit Lake.

Meet at Echo Lake at 7:00 Sunday Morning. Add a comment or send an email if you are interested, so we will look for you before we go up. Also if you are interested in carpooling I'm sure others will be.

Who's In...

Jeff, Matt, Jill, Pete M, Craig M, Dennis, Chris


Pete said...

I'm in, at least I think so. I did a trail run outside of Estes Park this weekend and rolled my ankle 50 yards from bottom - talk about annoying. It's sore today and I'm going to have to see how it progresses this week. I'll post another comment later with an update. If I can run, I would like to do the 8.5 miles. John Hite is interested in joining too, I'll follow up with him as well.

Chris said...

I won't be able to join you, but I did this last Sunday. It was cold and windy, bring warm clothes!