Monday, June 1, 2009

Mount Evans Training Run 1

6 of us ran part way up Mt. Evans on Saturday. It was a good day for it, temps in the 40's partly cloudy and no wind! We ran from Echo Lake to Summit Lake in 2 waves.

Andre, Jeff, Dennis, Craig M, Pete M and Jill

First wave (Andre,Dennis and Jill) started running while 2nd wave (Jeff, Craig and Pete) did the car and water bottle drops up to echo lake, about a half our difference.

Pete M was fastest guy that day running in 1:29 (second wave)
Andre won the first wave running the 9+ miles in 1:36

We met a lady Diann who started with us and turned back around 6-7 miles. She is training for the race on 6/20 and might meet us in 2 weeks for the summit run. Welcome Diann.

Dennis, Diann and Andre

We plan on doing the Summit Lake to Summit run (with some runners starting below that point)

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