Thursday, May 7, 2009

Relay Update From Jeff - 2 Teams this Year

Option #1 (Team #1) - Has been voted as the preferred option

Pickled Prostates (PP) v.5
Dave Caprera
Craig Carver
Scott Hajicek
Steve Cann
Steve Read
Pete Canici
Dennis McConnel
Andre Nieuwhuizen
Jeff Delaney
Jay Simonson
Carlos Bernal - volunteer extraordinaire
Dennis Pearl - volunteer extraordinaire

w/second team that would consist of (with alternates)

Mostly Pickled (MP) v.1
Tom Ziener - confirmed
Pete Maysmith - confirmed
Matt Mussetter - confirmed
Craig Murray - confirmed
Eric Anderson - confirmed
Bob Bassie - confirmed
Jim Wason - considering
John Hite - considering
Howard McCarthy - considering
Bob Kelly - alternate
George Antoine - possible alternate
Ward Delaney - considering

If my understanding of your "status" defined above is not correct, please let me know.

Of course we will need a total of ten and some more alternates. I have a few others I have talked to who have also expressed interest, but nothing confirmed just yet. If you know of anyone else interested, please pass on the information and get me their email and/or phone #. I will resister the first team, PP v.5. and need $95 per person when you can. Those interested in the second team, MP v.1 please send me $95 when you can. When I get 10 checks, I'll register the second team. Priority will be given to those who get me their checks first.

Word has it the route will be similar to last year, beginning in Georgetown and ending in Carbondale. The race directors are currently working with the Forest Service and local municipalities finalizing the '09 course.

I will need some help, particularly with the second team. Those who plan on participating, please consume all pertinent information on the website.

A great race to begin '09 trail running season and also great preparation for Mt Evans, Pikes Peak and the Colorado Relay while also benefiting the DPS Outdoor Education Program @ Balarat - just up Left Hand Canyon in Jamestown this Saturday @ 10 AM. See link...

I'd also throw out a training program that could involve each interested PP/MP runner and friends (please pass along to anyone I've missed). Beginning next weekend (Saturday the 16th), we could all take a turn and design a weekend (early AM) training run in the hills -preferably trails. For those not running the Colfax race next weekend, I will organize a run. Though I'm not sure I'll be able to run just yet, I'll will ride my mt bike if I can't. Each weekend someone else can organize a run. Of course folks will have vacations, soccer games, weekend chores, etc that will obviously have priority - but just like our lunch runs, whoever shows up makes up the group. Let me know if there is interest.


Jeff D.


Craig M said...

Looks like a great plan, thanks for organizing. I have an altitude training run scheduled for early AM Saturday May 30 to prepare for Evans, it could also double as that weekend's relay prep run. I was thinging Echo Lake to Summit Lake.

Dennis said...

I'm in for the May 30th Mount Evans run, Echo to Summit sounds good, we need two cars.

Anonymous said...

Great. I hope to be there as well!

Jeff D.