Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mount Evans Training Run 5/30/2009

We are planning a Mount Evans Training run for Saturday 5/30/2009.

The Plan based on last years run:

  • 7:00 Meet at Echo Lake at 7:00. We take two cars up one car up to Summit Lake Park and leave one car and drive one back down. $10 Fee per car.
  • 7:45 Approximate time to start running.
  • 10:00 Finish at Summit Lake Park. It is just under 10 Miles From the Start 13 Minute Miles would be 2 hours 10 Minutes.
  • 10:30 Should be back to Echo Lake with everyone in the car

If you are interested leave a comment or send Dennis an E-mail. I will drive one car that can fit 8 to take to the lake, need another driver to meet at Summit Lake.

Another thing to consider is we might want to have the "fast guys" take the cars up while everyone else gets a head start to shorten the total time by a half hour or so.

If we have enough people, maybe a carpool point in town or park in ride on the way up.

Here's a link to last years first training run with other info included suggested gear:


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Craig M said...

I'll have a car which comforitably seats 4, uncomforitably 5. I would be happy to meet at 6am the stegosaurus park and ride to carpool to echo lake, or swing by someones house to pick them up. Leave a comment or call me 720-219-3749 to arrange.