Monday, May 18, 2009

Colfax Half Marathon / Marathon Relay 5/17/2009

Colfax Half Marathon Results for our Group

Runner Time Overall Division Pace
Pete Maysmith 1:30:33 38 13 6:55
Craig Murray 1:30:54 51 19 6:57

Colfax Marathon Relay.

Team Pick'd Pro's, Captain Dennis McConnel - 2:55:10
4th Place Overall, 2nd in Mixed Division

Place Team Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 Net Chip
2 1199 Pick'd Pro's 0:41:31 1:00:05 1:42:23 2:03:33 2:55:17 2:55:10

Neil Robichaux
Jill Parker
Matt Mussetter
Alicia Caldwell
Dennis McConnel

Team Pick'd Pro's (Jill, Alicia, Dennis, Matt - Missing Neil)

The Marathon Relay Splits are off and the results are confusing as currently posted I think one team did not register an end time but finished ahead of us.

Fantastic day for a race.
Thanks to my team for running hard and doing so well.


Jill said...

I'm staking claim to my 18:34 5K!!

Pete said...

Congrats to the relay team. Sorry I didn't stick around to see Dennis finish but I was wiped out.

My race report is that my foot felt fine the whole time but I struggled. I was almost 2 mins slower than last year and never felt like I had that extra gear to shift into. I struggled mightily on the little climbs on Colfax in miles 5-7. I had moments of feeling better on the way back on 17th but mostly it felt like a slog.

I'll take this as a good wakeup call to get my training in gear so I don't embarrass myself on Mt. Evans.

Thanks to Jeff D. for coming out to cheer me home during the last mile - I needed the encouragement!