Monday, May 11, 2009

Balarat Trail Race

The Balarat Trail Race was Saturday May 9th.

Dennis and Jeff ran the race. Results are not posted on line that I could find. The race was supposed to be 6, but there was a problem with a volunteer pointing the wrong direction and shortcut the race to 5.5 (which matched my Garmin 405).

Jeff Delaney - 53:40
Dennis McConnel - 57:23

Congratulations to Jeff who is recovering from a heel injury and only run 1 mile in 6 weeks and still did well and beat me by almost 4 minutes.

It's a fund raiser for the Balarat Outdoor Eductaion Center. It is a neat trail race that I found challenging, it climbs 3 hills and does a figure 8 type course around the area with some great views. Some of it is run on road, some on groomed trails and some single track.

It's a very low frills race but I would recommend it as a good race to break in the trail running season. After they had a blue grass band and a cook out.

Here's my Garmin Data if you want to view the course and elevation. Not sure if it's open to public running on the weekends, Jeff was going to check. It would be a good place for a group training run.

Garmin Data for Balarat Trail Race

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Dennis said...

I corrected Jeff's time, he actually ran a minute faster 53:40 and beat me by 4 minutes. Guess I need to hit the trails more.