Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 Bolder Boulder

For those of you running Bolder Boulder, meet at Section 118 after you pick up your goodie bags . Bring your family and friends. Hopefully the weather will be good this year.

These are the runners from our Group doing Bolder Boulder this Year and their waves.

Dennis - AA
Craig M - AA
Tom - B
Jill - BA
Jay - BA
Alicia - BB
Zach - CA

Let me know if I missed anyone or got a wave wrong.

Why Section 118? From seasoned Bolder Boulder Veteran Tom:

"I like to meet in Section 118. It's on the east side of the stadium so you're not staring into the sun the whole morning. And there are restrooms right up above you. After the finish line cross the bridge over the course. You can get your snack bag on either side. Of course you might want to go through the expo before the crowds get too big and then come back into the stadium. I usually go 2/3 of the way up or so and find an open area. "