Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009 Bannister Mile Results

6th Annual Bannister Mile Results 5/05/2009 at Manual High School

The first Tuesday of May Our Group runs a fast mile in honor of the 4 minute mile being broken by Roger Bannister 5/6/1954.

2009 Results
NameTimeOverallDivisionDiv Place
Scott Hajicek5:061Men1
Steve Fossel5:222Men2
Matt Mussetter5:223Men3
Dave Chipman5:234Men4
Chris Kamper5:335Men5
Craig Murray5:346Men6
Dennis McConnel5:357Men7
Eric Anderson5:458Men8
Mark Brown5:469Men9
Charley Perez5:5610Men 60+1
Tom Zeiner6:0711Men10
Pete Cannici6:1112Men11
Don Barbula6:1713Men12
**Dave Caprera6:2114Men13
Craig Carver6:2215Men 60+2
Sonja Kopf6:3516Women1
Chet Thompson6:5717Men 60+3

**Dave Caprera did not actually run the mile. His time is based on his "best estimate" of how he would have done.

Relay Results:

Team 2: 4:09 (1:02,1:03,1:02,1:02)
Team 1: 4:11 (1:05,1:02,1:04,1:00)

Team 1: Scott, Dave, Craig M, Eric, Charley, Pete, Craig C, Chet
Team 2: Steve, Matt, Chris, Dennis, Mark, Tom, Don, Sonja

Thanks everyone it was fun. A great day to run a mile.

Congratulations to Scott who is still the King.
Congratulations to Sonja first female.
Congraulations to Mark Brown for most improved over last year.

Thanks to Carlos for keeping us organized and honest in Dave's absence and for spreading the word at the Y.

Thanks to George and Doug for helping out.

Welcome all the newcomers this year, put it on your calendar for next year.

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Craig R. said...

I knew I was hallucinating during that 4th lap. Somehow I convinced myself that I caught Dave at the tape, just like in past years.

Oh, well, maybe next year I'll get a chance to recover my dignity and self-esteem.

Dennis said...

That was quick, didn't think you notice that Dave slipped into the results at least he wasn't in your age group.

You'll get him next year.

Jill said...

Good job, guys....you should do a fall mile to judge how much improvement you've made over the summer - provided, of course, that you are diligent on your weekly intervals.
Kudos to you!