Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mt Evans 2009

Mt. Evans registration is still open but filling up fast.

Here's who's in so far this year...
Craig C
Pete M
Chris K

Several are on the fence (Jeff and Tom I'm looking at you). Scott and Charles, one last showdown?

Let me know if I missed anyone. We plan on having some training runs once the road opens and it warms up a bit in may/june. Check the web site for details.

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Jill said...

I would like to just claim my "valid" excuse for sucking a lung this year: I will be toting my daugther in Europe for 12 days prior to Mt. Evans and only return a day before said event! I have zero expectations on time and my primary goal here is to not have a lung explode on me, altitude sickness, or suffer a cerebral edema. I will try to get in some training beforehand...hope to see you guys there!