Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 Boston Marathon

Jill Parker ran 3:51:55 at the 2009 Boston Marathon.
Her results and splits are below.

Congratulations Jill, for a great race and realizing one of your major running goals of running the Boston Marathon. Also you Boston Qualified at Boston and did 4 Marathons in just over a year.
You can read about Jill's Marathon and her Boston Experience on her blog...

Rafael Pacheco ran a 2:52:00

I could not find anyone else even remotely associated to our group who ran it this year. If I missed someone let me know.

2009 Boston Marathon Results

The USA did good this year, taking 3rd in the Men's (Ryan Hall) and the Women's (Kara Goucher). The Women's race was a sprint finish for 1,2,3 with the Kara Goucher 9 seconds behind the winner.


Jill said...

Um...that be 4 marathons in just UNDER a year, by mere days; the first being Big Sur on April 25,2008 and the last being Boston on April 20,2009.

I'm glad to be back home in Denver despite sporting Wednesday's crest of Boston delayed onset muscle fatigue; every ounce of fiber in my body aches. Ask me in a week if pain=bliss....when I can actually walk normally again.

After a whirlwind 4-day running fest surrounded by 25,000 of the same running-obsessed fan club members, I feel it a true honor to be amongst those that ran on Monday. I am pleased with my time and effort....yet learned that I lack the strength to conquere those ridiculous hills at the pace I was moving. I will continue to work hard on my strength and core training and carry the knowledge I learned with me in 2009 to 2010 to come back fighting. I hope to see many of you there next year. Thanks for your support!

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