Monday, March 16, 2009

Running of the Green - 7K

Great day for running this race. Sunny, in the 60's. 7k is 4.3 miles

Quite the party afterwards, the beer line was more like a beer mob. Good luck finding someone after, but we managed to find our group.

Results from our Group for the Race:

Dennis McConnel28:26127236:33
Jay Simonson30:33254467:02
Jill Parker33:35398207:44

Online Results for the Race

I know I saw Steve C there, we ran together for about a half mile between 2 and 3 before he pulled ahead, but he's not in the results. Maybe the C stands for "Crash the Race".

Jill, Jay and Dennis outside the Beer Mob in Lodo.

Jills Running Blog for the Race

Dennis's Running Blog for the Race

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