Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moab Half Marathon 2009 Results

Results for our Group

Scott Hajicek1:21:002116:11
Steve Cann1:37:05193297:26
Jeff Delaney1:37:24198177:29
Tom Zeiner1:37:5821157:30
Dennis McConnel1:37:58212327:30
Craig Carver1:47:5152868:15

Congratulations to:
Scott for Winning his age group
Tom for Medaling (5th) in his age group
Craig for coming close to Medaling (6th) in his age group

Moab 2009 Results

Scott, Dennis, Steve, Jeff, Craig and Tom Moab 2009

Great conditions for the race. Sunny, 60's no wind.
Fun Event, after hearing about it all these years, I finally got to run it.

Pictures of the Group at the Race and the Post Race Picnic

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Jill said...

Congratulations guys!!! I'm proud!