Monday, February 16, 2009

Request for Boston Marathon Advice

Calling all pickled members, friends, foes, or even website onlookers....anyone who has had Boston marathon experience, running or just here say! I am 9 weeks away from my first Boston and am a tad on the nervous side already. Yes, already. I think I got my training going well; I've boat loaded the strength training with an emphasis on a stronger core yet much leg work to combat the continuous battle with the relentless Boston hills. So I think I'm okay there. My frail mental state is another story...I have a lot of anxiety over these things, as Dennis can unfortunately. attest. Craig M provided me with a course profile link (THANKS!) that is super amazing...yet I've looked at it and now am even more freaked.
Can anyone/everyone help me with details like which miles are the most difficult (up or down), where the water stops are, how crowded the stops are, how crowded the course is (aka, I'm qualified with at 3:46 marathon...will I be placed so far back that I will never get a comfortable pace? Or if so, how long into it until I can get a good pace going?), are there places to meet people friends afterwards? Any good restaurants you recommend? I'll be there two days prior to the event so looking for good hangouts and fun things to do. I am not renting a car so am at the mercy of mass transportation or whomever I can bum a ride from. Information like this is key to combating my anxiety....I appreciate it all!!!
Email is the best way to contact me:

Good luck with training to all you Moabers. And non-Moabers. I DID sign up for Mt. Evans again, I've a new addiction. But I will be traveling overseas until the day before so I'm claiming my excuse in advance in case I have altitude related issues affecting my outcome!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jill,

I have been meaning to post a comment here for a while and never think of it when I have a chance!

As you likely know by now the first 2/3rds are downhill or flat. Take the downhill at your normal pace. This is important and the mistake most first Boston Marathoners make. When you get to the Newton Hills (4), the last being heartbreak @ ~ 19.5 miles, your quads get confessed. All this downhill running and now you want them to go uphill! At the top of heartbreak, it's largely downhill again!! Confusing your (quads and the rest of you) further. So you have the last 6 miles while you're your fighting the bonk, and the course topography is all but consistent. This is also a hot part of the day (start is @ noon as you know), there are typically headwinds off the coast by now. The Newton Hills are a topographic break between the coastal plain and the Appalachian front.

Good Luck and have fun!!

Jeff Delaney