Monday, December 15, 2008

Dallas White Rock Marathon

Results from the Dallas White Rock Marathon

Dennis McConnel3:33:07316478:08
Jill Parker4:11:481282289:37

Dennis with daughter Brittany, Jill with friend Randy
At the finish of the White Rock Marathon in Dallas 

Dennis's take...

What can I say except it wasn't my day.  My legs were dead from the start and I could not reach or maintain my goal pace to qualify for Boston with a 3:20. It was warm (60-75 degrees) with 70 % humidity, there were strong wind gusts, which were at our backs for the first 10 miles, a cross wind for 3 or 4 and then the dreaded head wind for the last half.   At the half point I was close to my goal pace (1:41) but knew I could not maintain for the second half.  Even under perfect weather, I just did not have it and really faded the last few miles.   I was happy to finish my first marathon in 8 years without injury and achieve a PR.

My daughter Britanny went with me for my support crew and got to see my along the course in several spots, which really gave me a boost when I needed it.  Overall it was a fun time and a fun race, great aid stations and they put your name on the bib so everyone knows your name to cheer for you as you run by.  

Thanks to Jill for recommending it (Jill finished her 4th Marthon in a year!  Congratulations Jill) and to Randy for driving Brittany around the course, and of course to Brittany for going with me.  Also thanks to my longtime Dallas friends Steve for letting me stay with him and Homero and his boys for their support along the race the last few miles.


Jill's take...

Unfavorable conditions of high temperatures, high humidity and 30-mph winds left me dehydrated and exhausted by mile 20.  I guess these things are unpredictable and you need to handle whatever the race throws at you, but having already BQ'd at St.George two months ago, I decided it wasn't worth killing myself to push through it.  So I'll take my 4:11 time and just be grateful for the opportunity to run it.  4 marathons, Mt. Evans, Pikes Peak, numerous half marathons and countless other races in 2008, I am ready to rest and see what the 2009 running season brings.  A stronger core is first and foremost as I know this is going to help some of my stomach problems.  Thanks for letting me in your group, I look forward to seeing you guys in the new year.  

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Pete M said...

Sneaky running Dallas without telling anyone you were going to. Strong effort and I'm sure you'll shave many minutes off in '09.

Let me know which one you're planning on doing next year and maybe we can run the same race.

Great job.