Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Moab Half Marathon Registration 11/18 - 12/12

Those of you thinking about doing Moab on 3/21/2009, the registration is open.
It is a lottery for 4000 slots and then a silent auction for an additional 100 slots.

They will not charge your credit card unless you are selected.

If you register, please leave a comment with your name so we know who's thinking about it.

You can also give a prediction time if you want to motivate yourself for the next 4 months.

Here's a link to the 2008 Moab Results for our Group.  Tom won?


Anonymous said...

I've registered for the lottery. I do plan on training this year and I will not be looking and Tom and Jay's backs again!

Jeff D.

Dennis said...

I'm in the lottery.

Since we are 3 1/2 months away, I'll go on a limb and say I'm going for a PR - Sub 1:30.

Anonymous said...

Craig Carver is registered for the lottery.

Steve Cann said...

I've entered in the lottery. I'll be training hard with poles at altitude. I will hope to keep Jeff's back in sight, but I don't have much hope for Dennis's back.