Friday, December 5, 2008

2008 Turkey Trot Results

2008 Turkey Trot Results

Fun time,  40 Degrees and Grey Skies, Very Thanksgiving-ish.  5215 Runners
Pete won for the group despite the lack of running due to law school (which he just graduated from @ DU).  Congrats on that too Pete.

Looks like Ben is getting closer to Craig, but Zach's got a ways to go to catch Dennis.

Updated to reflect division results.  Congratulations to Craig for 2nd in his age group...

Pete Maysmith25:257016/5196:22
Dennis McConnel25:277210/4326:22
Craig Carver29:13288 2/1517:19
Ben Carver30:4043899/3927:41
Zach McConnel33:1379778/3198:19


Pete M said...

Thanks for posting Dennis. It should be noted that you've clearly made huge gains and will be whipping my butt soon if I don't knuckle down on the training. Great race and congrats on sub-26. Next year, we'll both go sub-25.

Dennis said...

Hey Pete, good to run with you again. Thanks for giving me someone to chase, you make an excellent Rabbit. Hard to belive I was only 2 seconds behind you on the timing chip. Sure seemed like a lot farther at the finish. Maybe because I took my chip off and stuck it on that lady that went flying past me to take 9th femaie overall.

Your GPS watch really makes me want to ask Santa for one for Christmas.

Come join us downtown when you have a chance...