Sunday, October 5, 2008

Matt Meussetter - 3:20:57 in Twin Cities Marathon

Matt Meussetter ran a 3:20:57 in the Twin Cities Marathon on October 5, 2008.

This is a PR for Matt, great job.

Matt's take...

It went pretty well, beautiful course, and a lot of crowd support.  At race start it was 48 with cloud cover, just about perfect.  It started raining at mile 2 and absolutely poured from about mile 3 through mile 16, and didnt quit until about mile 20.  The streets had 2-4 inches of water flowing down them for much of that time. 

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Jill said...

Way to go, Matt - congrats!!! I feel your rain pain; I endured rain from the lines to get on the pre-race bus until I crossed the finish at mile 26.2. But it kept the temps down and that's what was least for me.
Good job!!