Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thanks for your support

Thanks everyone for checking the web site and your comments, we had a new high of 42 different visitors during the relay on Friday.  Some might have been from the competition checking up on us though.  I was able to share some of your comments with the team during the race.

Sorry I could not provide more updates and pictures, but I had a lot of coverage problems with t-mobile and my blackberry throughout the race and then my battery was almost dead near the end.   Need to improve the technology next year for sure.

Unofficially we came in at 23 Hours 36 Minutes, in 2nd place in our Masters Division (no 4-Peat, is the dynasty over?).   We lost to a master team, Independence Run and Hike - Old Farts.  They were very strong and beat us by 24 minutes.  They definately were gunning for us this year and worked hard to field a strong team.  Congratulations to them.  

It was a fun race, we changed leads about 5 times during the race till they pulled away from us. We saw lots of familiar faces and teams we've gotten to know over the years and had some good times and eventually good weather.  What a great Event the Colorado Relay has become.

Steve Fossels team Robe Runners won the overall with an unofficial time of 21 Hours 13 Minutes.

We had to leave before they posted the results, so we are not sure of our overall finish or the other winners and divisions.

I will publish a summary and a link to the results when they are available.

Also a big thanks to our Volunteer Carlos (pictured below).  Thanks Carlos for a great job at a difficult check point.

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