Friday, September 12, 2008

Leg 8. Georgia pass

The weather really hit georgia pass this year. They closed the course for a while. And shut it down early but we got through in the window.
We were about 6 minutes behind the other masters team but scott is our ace in the hole and usually gives us a jump. We are going to be in for a race all night this year. .

It's raining in breckenridge as we run through on our way up vail pass. Getting cold but we are all ready to run our second set of legs hard

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msp said...

Hi guys! Tell Scott the Cannici kids (and mom) are all in awe of him! And that goes for the rest of you, too!! Have fun and take care of those legs (and the ones you're running with as well)! ~Penny

Dennis said...

so I guess this is it--hope you are all doing great-can't wait to hear from you. Too bad your battery died :(