Friday, August 1, 2008

Pearl Street Mile Results

Results for Pearl Street Mile. George got 2nd in his age group, Charles got 5th in a very competitive 40-44 age group.

46 Charles bedford 43 Boulder CO 5:00.1
74 Steven Fossel 40 evergreen CO 5:20.3
156 George Antoine 63 Boulder CO 6:38.2

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Compare to our own Bannister Mile Results from May 8th, that the above also ran...

George Antoine was the sole pickled representative from the Denver group, while Charles Bedford represented the Boulder group. It was hot steamy race with slight tinge of smoke in the air. George was hoping to repeat last year’s performance for his age group, the last one before Craig officially enters the bracket and at last be called a geezer. At the start, he looked around for old guys to stay with and possibly target at the finish. Unfortunately, in Boulder everyone looks a little younger so thinking he was home free, started out slow and tapered from there, but still managed to gasp for breath up Spruce street. Thinking his time of 6:38 was good enough for first place, George did a Bronco salute to finish line onlookers, only to find out later that it was second to a geriatric mutant time of 5:37. Meanwhile, catching Charles later who was warming down aglow with what he thought was his time of 4:59, we high-fived each other. Later his official time was reported at 5:00.1, though good enough for 5th place in a time that most of us can only dream about. Considering the heat and smoke, both Charles and George were pleased with the results.

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