Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Relay Update

There is an updated Relay Newsletter published August 8th, there are prizes for the longest and shortest legs best times (go Scott and Dave!) :
August 8th Colorado Relay Newsletter

They also have published the Relay Legs on the Web Site:

Here's the Runners Table:

Jeff is working on the initial lineup but is waiting for after Pikes Peak (August 17th) to publish it. If you want to lobby for any legs, now's the time. Of course we will all pick it apart when its out anyway.

We have confirmation for our team members this year, but lost our alternate (Tom) to a class reunion. Andre's in as first alternate, welcome Andre (stay in shape just in case).

Last year we finished 5th overall, read what the 6th place team says about moving up this year on their web site...

Keep checking the web site for team/relay information and keep running!



Jill said...

Man Dennis, the Weed Wackers have a very impressive website (ahem)! I love the 'profiles' of each of the teammates with statistics about them along with their alma mater banners. You should hire (for pay) someone to help you with this (waving hand in air :)

Dennis said...

Yeah, I agree, nice web site and impressive runner stats with PRs and everything. I remember that team from last year, got a couple of stories. They were chasing us all night and we didn't know it, till after the race. They finished 15 minutes behind us.

I think they got a couple more ringers this year, so we might be in trouble.

I have lots of ideas for the web site but no time or money or help. However, if you want to work for a percentage of the revenue generated from the site, your hired!

Dave ALMOST got FLOMAX to sponsor us. Keep the accounts rolling in Dave.