Monday, July 7, 2008

Pikes Peak Training Run?

Anyone up for a Pikes Peak Training Run this Saturday 7/12?

Thinking about either
1) Running the Mesa Trail out and back (14 roundtrip).
2) Running Pikes itself up to Barr Camp and back down also about 14 roundtrip.

I'm open to any other suggestions, especially those that have done Pikes before...

If your interested (even if your not signed up for Pikes but want to do some trail running), either post a comment or send Dennis an e-mail. I'm on vacation this week but will be checking in.



Jill said...

Hi guys...
Having just run Pike Peak to Barr Camp on Saturday, here are my thoughts on the monster. Mind you, I've never run it before so this means nothing to those that already have, but nonetheless -
- First three miles on the trail are steep. There's no other way to say it...they are steep. Look down constantly so as not to trip over the protruding rocks. There are an abundant number of railroad ties combing the trail; be cautious of them as they stick out and you have to hurdle them frequently. The swtichbacks here also put those on Mt. Evans to shame...they come at you every few feet.
- The next three-ish miles are a more gradual incline. Though still progressing upward, you feel you can get a good pace going here. The trail widens and if you are stuck behind the slow-pokes (like myself :) ) on the first 3, don't worry, you can pass easily here. The scenery changes here, too, as you enter more of the forest and it's a lot cooler than it was down lower.
- With no topographic map in hand, I had no idea where I was and I shocked to see one a sign (one of about 3 total) that said, "Barr Camp .5 miles". I looked at my watch and I was just under 2 hours so I figured I'd hop on into the camp for some more water. I hit the camp at 2:05; I was estatic that I had a spare 55 minutes to go before I would be officially "cut" on the official race (okay, let's add about 10 minutes to this time as I did not run the first half mile in Manitou Springs - too many tourists to tackle!!). I found out that in order to fill your tanks here, you either need to bring a water filter (I have one if we want to drag it up there) or you need to bring $5 to use theirs. I had neither but a couple nice hikers offered to let me use theirs. I was grateful, I was out of water and I still had a long way down.
- Beings there is no place for the Mt. Evans juggling two cars up and down mountain scenerio, you have no option but to run down. Remember how steep it was going up; be extremely cautious going down.
- I finished the day in 3:37, including about a 15 minute break at Barr Camp. I was drained and exhausted but on could nine! It was an incredible run and I can't wait to run the race in a few weeks.
- My last piece of advice is to wear trail running shoes if you have them, they will save your feet some. And bring a snack to eat at the top....if your run takes as long as mine (haha). I'd love to get in one more run up the thing before the actual race but don't think I have it in me this weekend. I am still feeling the pain in my glutes that the mountain gave me. But it's a good kinda pain; not the kind of pain in the ass I can sometimes be :).
Now how's THAT for a "comment"!
Rock on guys!!

Dennis said...

Thanks for the comments Jill. No takers on this one, so I guess I'll run it solo on Sunday (unless somebody changes their mind).

Thanks for the advice, I'll make sure I take $5 and some food.