Thursday, July 31, 2008

Craig's Baker-Bowen Party and Trail Run August 10th

Craig has scheduled his annual, mountain cabin party and morning Baker-Bowen trail run for August 9th and 10th.

From Craig's description of the run...
"Sunday morning those who wish to atone for over-eating and drinking on Saturday can do our usual annual run – which, depending upon majority vote – will consist of our usual Baker-Bowen trek, or a modified version from the cabin (up trails to the ridge above Bowen, then back)."

Baker-Bowen trek is a 15 mile loop up to about 12,000 feet.
The modified version is about 23 miles.
Guess which one usually gets voted for?

Leave a comment or contact Craig Carver if you are interested in joining the fun and/or the run.

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steve cann said...

Anyone going up sun morning from Denver/Boulder? What time will the run start?